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About Totally Pets:
David started Totally Pets for his natural love of all animals.  David realized that more and more people have pets in their lives.  With the hustle and bustle of everyday life,
David realized that not all pet owners have the time they would like to have to dedicate to their pet's needs.

David is the proud owner of Pepper, a dog that he rescued from an animal shelter.  David knows how pets become part of a family and how important their well-being and
happiness are.  

Totally Pets can help to give your pets the attention you know they deserve and need when you can not be there yourself.

It shouldn't be ruff to be a pet owner, so Totally Pets will do it's best to accommodate your regular schedule and last minute emergencies.

                                                                    David Diaz, Consultant:         Phone:  (410) 451-0513

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